Here's how to get free My Nintendo Platinum Points with the Pikmin 3 quests


100 easy points

In case you missed it, Nintendo added actual physical rewards to My Nintendo.

They require Platinum Points, which are a finite resource; earned by activities like playing various Nintendo mobile titles and mucking about on the Nintendo website.

One of the more recent additions involves finding secret Pikmin to promote the Switch release of Pikmin 3. Here’s how to complete all five missions and net 100 points.

First, log into My Nintendo and verify that you need to complete the quests: they’re all at the bottom of the landing page. Then head to the Pikmin 3 Deluxe landing page.

The first Pikmin is right on the homepage, near the bottom, hiding behind a leaf.

The second Pikmin is on the story page, also near the bottom, after “How to Play,” behind a leaf.

The third one is a bit more sneaky and located on the gameplay page. It’s right above the text “Mission Mode,” hiding in a bush.

The fourth Pikmin is on the same page. Scroll down further and locate that one below the text “Piklopedia,” on a flower bud.

The last one is on the “buy now” page, also near the bottom, below the My Nintendo logo. This one is like exiting through the gift shop!

Congrats! You now have 100 more Platinum Points. Generally these quests don’t go away, so you can redeem them now and use them before they expire: or save the quests for a rainy day when you need a quick boost.

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