Here's how to get the new Super Mario Bros. collectible pin set


Ultimately, you have to buy 3D All-Stars

In case you missed it, Nintendo unveiled a ton of Mariostuff yesterday.

But buried inside all of the new announcements was an offer for a free pin set in the US. There are provisos of course, but here’s how to get it.

Here’s the big gate: you need to buy Mario 3D All-Stars

Ultimately, the free pins are only for people who buy 3D All-Stars, which will run you $60 US. By the end of the offer period (March 31— which is when the game is curiously going away digitally and physically), all you need to do is register your points via your physical game card (just press the + button and register it manually) or digitally on your account.

If you already bought the game and are wondering why it isn’t showing up: Nintendo says that the achievement won’t “pop” until launch.

Now, all you need to do is complete four more (of five) very easy tasks. You can also check your mission progress here.

Visit the Mario site

The easiest task: you’ll complete it without thinking about it!

Just go to this website while logged in with your My Nintendo account.

Take the Mario quiz

This quiz is buried on the bottom of the landing page. Head all the way down and look for the Question Mark Block.

Once you’re in, you can select any difficulty level (easy or hard). Answer the questions, make it to the end, and it’ll register your mission.

Download your “This is my Mario” image

This one can actually be a little tricky to find.

It’s hidden on the “timeline” section of the site, with the text “Learn all about Mario’s many adventures through the years.”Just go there, click any Mariogame, and you’ll see a little red bit of text saying “this is my [favorite] Mario!” Click that, an image will download, and you’re good to go.

Super Mario 3D AllStars Pin Set Guide

Try the Super Mario Music Player

This is another easy one.

The music player is prominently displayed on the 3D Worldsite (not the landing site). Head there and click “play some tunes,” click around a bit and you’re good.

Race in the Super Mario Kart Tour event

This one I saved for last as it’s not technically needed (again, you only need to complete all but one of the tasks in addition to buying the game), and the others can be done in minutes.

For this one you need to link your My Nintendo account to Mario Kart Tour (the mobile game) and play in the Mario Kart Tour. This event runs from September 8 through September 22, so it’s not even live yet and it’s a limited tour.

Skip it!