Here's how upgrade benches work in Fortnite season 7


And a handy map for upgrade bench locations

Fortnite Season 7 brings back crafting, but it’s done a little differently this time around. Here’s how to find and use upgrade benches.

So, this season, benches appear in fixed locations in the new map. This is where you can find all of them.

Fortnite Season 7 upgrade bench locations

To start the process, simply approach an upgrade bench with a weapon in-hand (selected), and you’ll get a prompt to level the item up to the next tier (green to blue, and so on). Each upgrade costs a bit of gold currency.

As a tip, to complete the early season quest “upgrade three weapons,” I highly recommend that you upgrade common items to green rarity to save on gold. It’s cheaper than other tiers and will only cost 600 gold in total to finish the quest.

Upgrade benches can be destroyed, so keep that in mind if you head to a location that’s supposed to have a bench but doesn’t. That’s basically how benches work, it’s really simple.

Crafting on your person (without the need for benches) also returns in season 7.

This time it’s streamlined, and only requires nuts and bolts, which can be purchased from NPCs for gold (like Rick at this location), and around the battlefield.

Just press “I” on PC or up on the d-pad on consoles to access your inventory, then cycle to the crafting tab to initiate the process; just like the previous season.