Here's nine minutes of new Unravel gameplay


Sit back and just unwind

IGN has released nine whole minutes of brand new gameplay footage for the utterly lovely Unravel.

It feels weird seeing Yarny without his nervous, friendly creator Martin Sahlin gently guiding us through it, but it’s also nice to have a better idea of what’s waiting for us when it comes out next year.

For those who haven’t seen Unravel yet, it’s an indie physics-based puzzle platformer that has you climbing and swinging around an incredibly pretty looking world. The catch is the further you move or the more you interact with puzzles, the more the yarn that makes up Yarny’s body unravels. Getting to each checkpoint replenishes it, but you have to be conservative in how much of the stuff you throw around.

I’m pretty interested to see what Sahlin’s working on when it releases in Q1 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It could either be an incredibly good looking but ultimately flat puzzle platformer, or it could be something really, really special. Here’s hoping it’ll be the latter!