Here's one more look at the brawling in Battletoads


If you’re feeling froggy, leap

Time is running out to get a feel for Battletoads. It releases in eight days, and the pre-launch opinions seems to be evenly and passionately split. The release date trailer didn’t do much to change that.

Maybe this slightly-in-depth commentary on the brawling will help you make a decision. Rare developers talk about the mindset behind this beat-em-up, all the attention paid to free-flowing combat and the use of space. There’s also some detail given to what makes (two of the three) Battletoads unique; Pimple is a big slow gorilla-like lug, and Zitz is quick and has tech-focused attacks.

Battletoadslaunches on August 20 as part of Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers won’t need to trust their gut and make a decision about it. That’s the beauty of Xbox Game Pass in cases like this.