Here's our first big look at the new Micro Machines


Micro Machines and Pearl Jam, both still alive

Size is relative. That’s the concept at the core of the magic of Micro Machines. Try to stick with me: Cars are usually big, but this time they’re very small and that’s fun. It sounds condescending but it’s honestly not meant to be. There’s sincere and buoyant entertainment to be had navigating a tiny vehicle around household objects.

This trailer gives us our first glimpse at what Micro Machineswill look like in 2017. When Micro Machines World Serieswas announced in January, it was revealed with a video that was mostly live action. Now that we’ve actually seen the game, it seems developer Codemasters found a nice aesthetic balance, one that’s whimsical enough but still lends itself to emphasizing all the action on the screen.

Although the trailer is titled “Battle Mode Mahyem,” it’s tough to glean how anything apart from traditional races will work. A press release sheds a bit of light on this by stating that Battle Mode is up to 12 players, that there are 15 arenas, and implies that there are 3 gameplay types (Capture the Flag, Territory, and 6-on-6 Deathmatch).

While this the first time we’ve seenMicro Machines World Series, the looks will probably be rapid-fire from now on. It releases just more than two months from now on June 23. This one’s comin’ in hot, racing toward the finish line.