Here's our first look at Netflix's The Witcher in motion


Superman is looking good

After months of speculation, Netflix has unveiled a teaser trailer for its upcoming adaptation of The Witcher. Revealed during San Diego Comic-Con today, we now have an idea of what Cavill and co will look like in motion for when the series finally does arrive. Honestly, he seems apt for the part. I know his turn as Superman in the recent DCEU films wasn’t the best, but Cavill seems to be better suited for playing a mostly stoic figure than I gave him credit for.

Along with that, the costume design doesn’t look half bad. I suppose all the hub-bub about the pre-production shot of Cavill was for naught. Netflix seems to be pulling out all the stops here and the series looks to authentically recreate what CD Projekt did with its games. Now hopefully the overly serious tone of this trailer lightens up a bit because The Witcher series at least understands when to lighten the mood some.

We still don’t have an exact date for when the series will hit the streaming service, but everything is on track for its planned 2020 release.

The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix [Netflix via YouTube]