Here's pretty much every new animation and character in Rockman Ability


That Mega Man Pachislot game with an original art style

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about Rockman Ability, the new Mega Man-themed Pachislot game hitting Japan, is the art style.

Not only does it have original Robot Masters, it also completely re-imagines Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. While a lot of folks will write it off as a waste of time the fact that the powers that be would go through the effort to create and sanction a new Mega Man aesthetic is kind of a big deal, and could lead to some sort of anime or game in the future.

Is that stretching a bit? Maybe, but if you’re curious to see more of Abilityyou can just check out the below video fromPachi Gabu — no need to head to your closest parlor and toss money into the machine. As you can see from the gallery below there’s also plenty of old school Mega Man references packed in.

Pachi Gabu [YouTube via Rockman Corner]