Here's some SNES Mario Kart inside Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit


Throwing it back to where it all began

Those who recreate the past are doomed to get hit with a red shell. Pretty sure that’s how the proverb goes.

Nintendo has remade the first Mario Karttrack that most of us ever played inside Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. Check out the simplistic Mario Circuit 1 from the SNES Mario Kartas experienced through the AR lens of Home Circuit:

To celebrate the launch of #MarioKart Live: Home Circuit, we’ve recreated Mario Circuit 1 from the original Super Mario Kart on Super NES!

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) October 16, 2020

(If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Mario Circuit 1, here it is in all its 1992-drenched glory.)

Truth be told, Mario Circuit 1 is about the ideal adaption forMario Kart Live: Home Circuit‘s four-gate limitations. It’s the most iconic Mario Kartcourse that’s more or less oval-shaped. It goes blazing fast, though, as each lap in Home Circuittakes approximately 10 seconds. It’s a solid effort from Nintendo, but not as impressive as the time Activision made Tony Hawk a real-life warehouse from THPS1.

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