Here's the first four-second look at the next Battlefield


This is as teaser-y as they get

There will be a new Battlefieldgame released this year, and Electronic Arts is announcing it tomorrow. With about 24 hours left before the reveal, the Battlefield Twitter account posted a brief video teasing the impending unveiling. Clear your schedule, here are all four seconds that sort of matter:

Tomorrow. #Battlefield

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) May 5, 2016

Despite being functionally useless, this guy looking up in probable disbelief has some Battlefield fans in a tizzy. The game’s subredditis full of people spouting their theories. The predominant one is a bunch of variations on the idea that the character’s clothing style lends itself to a World War II setting. One of my favorites cites that the Hindenburg disaster and the end of World War II in Europe took place on May 6 (although, Wikipedia says the Germans actually surrendered on May 7).

The Battlefieldsocial team is helping fuel the speculation. Those folks are responding to Twitter users somewhat coyly by asking about the likes ofBattlefield 1942and 1943. It’s nothing concrete and interaction is a part of their jobs, but there’s still a certain amount of implication in those replies. Of course, they could be working a misdirect angle.

None of this really amounts to much, especially because we’ll have the full story in a day’s time. Whatever the outcome, there’s one thing that almost everybody can agree on: Nobody wants Battlefieldin space.

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