Here's the Pokemon Unite Duraludon character spotlight (Update)


Duraludon is out on March 14

[Update: Duraludon is now live in Pokemon Unite, and here are the accompanying patch notes. There are a few minor changes, including alterations to Mr. Mime’s Guard Swap, and Ninetails’ Aurora Veil.]

Last week The Pokemon Company unveiled a new fighter making its way into Unite on March 14, and now we have the Duraludon character spotlight video to make it official.

Duraludon is an attacker, which will feel right at home to a large number of MOBA players who just want to trigger abilities and see numbers fly across the screen. Interestingly it employs a turret-like strategy with its ranged attacks, and has access to AOE (with a damage over time effect) with stealth rock.

As per usual (and this applies to cross-regional patch notes for Pokemon Unite as well), the six-and-a-half-minute Japanese spotlight video is actually more educational, providing an actual rundown of the character with commentary and text. The English version is a 30-second gameplay drop that forces you to glean every bit of info without specifics.

You can find both below, but Sivalus over on Reddit actually translated most of the former for stat-hungry players. The gist is that Duraludon is a tanky attacker, with the power to cancel a knock back or knock up once every 30 seconds (heavy metal), and has the ability to “mark” enemies to deal more damage to them.

This mechanic is commonly known as a “hunter’s mark,” and could add a lot more depth to Duraludon than we first thought. Duraludon also adds quite a bit of utility as stealth rock can slow, and it seems fairly resilient.

English Duraludon character spotlight:

Japanese Duraludon character spotlight: