Here's what happened in the community for May!


Team Fortress 2 with waifus

Welcome to the month of June! Where we look forward to the future of the Destructoid community by looking backwards at the month of May! I bet you can’t guess what the biggest topic everyone loved about May was!

If you said it was Overwatch, then you’re wrong! Obviously not everyone loves it you dummy! Some people have different taste and simply don’t like Overwatch due to differing opinions on design and genre. And when we meet people like that, we ask them politely yet firmly to leave.

This time around, I think you’ll see quite a bit of pizazz in the roundup, with community members pitching in to share moments in Qtoid or Discord. Who loves the community more than the community after all? I mean, the community also kind of loves Overwatch too but you know what I mean.

Promoted blogs

There were eight promoted blogs for the month of May. One was from comments of the week, which by the way ran on schedule for each week of May.

Two were from our prompt for May, all good things. First was KingSigy’s remarkably lone love of DJ Hero. The plastic peripheral craze is gone but not a love of good music! Then Zalno beat me to my idea for the prompt by restoring the good name of Viewtiful Joe. But that’s okay because if anything can unite us, it’s Joe.

There was a community interview with Torchman, resident hater of all good things. Some might say the ultimate heel. Others may say a walking embodiment of Half-Life 3, except for a review about Super Robot Wars. It’ll be done when it’s done!

Four of the blogs were just good choice cuts from the cow that is the community blogs. James Ego explored the philosophy behind The Stanley Parable. Able To Think proves his namesake by thinking up of a way to make your very own Estus flasks (probably). Michformer digs into the great design behind video game guns. And resident champ Voltech begins discourse on whether Pokémon is actually good even though it is despite my biased opinion.

Remember to send your own suggestions for a promotion over to [email protected] I’m pretty great, but I’m not perfect. That would be presumptuous of me! I have to sleep after all. So if you really love a cblog that’s about controversial opinion four, email it to me!

Notable quickposting trends

Hey dummy! First, I promise to stop calling you dummy. Second, obviously a lot of people were talking about Overwatch. When that bomb dropped, nothing was left standing in its wake except Tracer booty and the salt of players after experiencingTorbjörn’s turret or Bastion in sentry mode.

Boxartoid was hard to ignore. After all, when all of Qtoid’s feed is jammed with quality box art images, people tend to notice and get involved. From old boxes to new boxes, alternative covers and covers from other regions, Boxartoid was a thing to behold for people looking for eye candy. Too bad Muramasa‘s original box art was pretty bad, but at least its PS Vita box was cool!

There was also Metaltoid, where everyone shared there favorite metal songs. Even I was surprised at how far this spread considering it was a specific genre of music. And there was nary a pop single in sight. When metaltoid was big, it was blacker than the blackest black times infinity.

I may not really need to say this but mentioning your current status tends to come and go in waves. Aside from that, people relished in the revealed starters for Pokémon Sun and Moon. In general, Rowlet was adored, Litten was cool, and Popplio was… well, divided to say the least.

New members of May

Here are the new members of May! Dirt Surgeon, Dreadales, and Thomas Loughney. This is hard.

Forums life support watch

I want to believe.

Discord debauchery

While I’m on a little less than most these days, it is worth mentioning that Jed doesn’t understand why everyone loves Overwatch nor does he understand why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So at one point a dedicated Overpricedwatch chat room was made, but we all used it as Overwatch general chat anyways. Now multiplayer hookup functions just fine in that vein and there were certainly threats to brandish one’s penis at one point or another, but all in all it was just your usual insanity in Discord.

Except of course when Discord crashed a few days ago. Torch and Linkslayer just about went crazy in qtoid when that happened.

Here’s to you for the month of June! I’ll be back next month for another community roundup! Stay active out there, guys.