Here's what the Cat Peach and Cat Mario amiibo do in Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury


Now that they’re out!

When we had access toSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury recently for our review, we sadly did not have the brand new Cat Peach and Cat Mario amiibo in our possession.

Now that the game is out and our order is delivered, we do! Let’s take a look at these inoffensive additions.

Cat Peach in Mario 3D World:

So Nintendo already told us ahead of time what the Cat Peach amiibo would do, so it does exactly what it said on the tin.

In news that will probably please folks who hate amiibo, Cat Peach is completely nonessential. She’ll grant you a random power-up, like many other figures do. In this case, she gave me a Boomerang Flower.

That’s it!

Cat Peach in Bowser’s Fury:

Sadly (for amiibo collectors at least), her impact is just as low in the Bowser’s Furyportion of the game.

Random power-up, ho! This pull/activation gave me a star.

Cat Mario in Mario 3D World:

This one is a little more exciting, but likely won’t appeal to a lot of players out there.

Remember when Nintendo regularly started putting easy-to-access cheat codes in their games? This is one of them. By tapping Cat Mario, you’ll get the invincible White Cat suit. It appears as a power-up right in front of you and will disappear in roughly 10 seconds if you don’t pick it up.

Cat Mario in Bowser’s Fury:

Just for clarity, it does the same thing in Bowser’s Fury! You can see the power-up on the ground above, right after scanning the amiibo.

While it’s cool that amiibo are still coming out at this point, none of this is what anyone would consider essential. Like I said before, for the overwhelming majority of folks at this point, that’s a bonus!

As a reminder, here is what amiibo generally do in the game, including Bowser and Bowser Jr.