Here's what the Nintendo Switch in-store GameStop pre-order situation is like in the US


Around 25 per store

Having just returned from pre-ordering my Nintendo Switch and Zelda Special Edition, I have a better idea of what the in-store situation is like at GameStop.

Going off of calls and experiences with roughly 10 stores, and an inside source at GameStop with access to company memos, each location is looking at getting roughly 25 consoles in total, with wiggle room for more or less stock. The most I’ve heard that one store has carried so far is 40.To break this down further, there are two SKUs for the Switch that I’m counting in that overall stock — the gray edition, and the neon. At my store, they had 16 gray consoles available, and eight neon. Depending on your local situation there might be people already in line for it, so if you wait, there might not be any left.

In terms of games you shouldbe fine, but the Zelda: Breath of the Wildspecial and limited edition pre-order situation is rough. There are $99.99 and $129.99versions, and while the latter is basically sold out across the US, the former is barely in stock at the moment. My store had three total, and as the third person in line (behind a man and a woman who camped out), I got the last one.

To all of my mid and west coast friends and readers, good luck!