Here's what to expect from Destiny's Crimson Days event


New details on the 2v2 PvP mode

Well my Valentine’s Day plans are set. Bungie has revealed more about Destiny‘s upcoming Crimson Days event, including a list of themed loot and more info about the limited run Crucible mode, Crimson Doubles.

Crimson Doubles pits two pairs of guardians against each other in elimination style combat. The first couple to defeat their opposition five times wins the match. Whenever a partner is killed, the surviving guardian is empowered with the ‘Broken Heart’ buff and has maxed out armor, agility, recovery, and weapon handling until they either die or their companion is revived. There’s no matchmaking for partners during the event, so players will have to form fireteams on their own if they want to participate.

New shaders, an emblem, and (potentially 320 Light) ghost shells hang in the balance as players finish rounds, all-new bounties, and the Crimson Days quest line. Limited edition emotes will also up for sale in Tess Everis’ shop, including one that looks conspicuously like Drake’s infamous dance in “Hotline Bling.”

Crimson Days runs from February 9 to February 16.