Here's what you thought of every major 2016 E3 press conference – EA loses big, Sony wins big


EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and Sony

This year it isn’t even close. You, as in the collective beautiful Destructoid community, voted for Sony as the top E3 2016 conference.

Let’s take a look at the results and get the bad stuff out of the way first. You hated EA’s conference the most, bar none. EA had a near 46% “I hated it” rating, and the closest was the PC Gaming Show with 24%, with Ubisoft very narrowly at the bottom at 23%.

What did you think is the most “meh?” Bethesda. It had a 51% “okay” rating, with Ubisoft and PC Gaming Show on its heels with 50% and 47% respectively.

Now let’s talk about the winners. Combining both the “love” and “enjoy” categories as an “approval rating,” Sony dominates with a roughly 80% approval rating (57% of that was love). Next up is Microsoft with a respectable near 60%, followed by a stark drop off with Bethesda at 36%. PC Gaming Show was next at 28%, followed by Ubisoft at roughly 27%, then EA — sad, sad EA — with a staggering 6% approval rating. Ouch.

So yeah that’s what you thought of E3! Nintendo had a Zeldastream yesterday as well and is set for another Treehouse session at 1PM ET, but that’s all she wrote for major conferences!