Here's what's on the horizon for Nintendo


This year

Nintendo had a damn good E3, Diane. Damn good.

Now that the dust has settled they’re keen on actually showing you everything that’s coming out this year, and it’s a hefty release schedule for the 3DS and Switch (RIP Wii U, I won’t stop doing it, don’t at me). While it’s clear that Nintendo is more dedicated to growing the Switch at this time the 3DS isn’t a slouch either, as it’s getting several big RPGs, a new 2D Metroid, a set of mainline Pokemongames (albeit sequels), and several other big releases.

The Switch on the other hand has its hands full, and although several of the listings are ports of old games (really old in the case of Skyrim), there’s a few huge ones on there like Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. There’s probably no early adopter woes going on if you picked up a Switch.

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