Heroes of the Storm enlists StarCraft's Medic


Plus a look at upcoming skins

I was more than happy to see Blizzard show off three upcoming characters in Heroes of the Storm this week, but there’s another announcement! StarCraft‘s Medic is also in development.

In a round-up email covering Kharazim (who may be coming to PTR on Monday), Rexxar, Artanis, and the Infernal Shrines map (as detailed here), the studio included a quick line about the Medic. She’s a “ranged support who focuses healing into a single ally and can offer team-wide protection through CC and non-healing utility.”

Blizzard also put together a video for new skins and mounts. Sgt. Doomhammer looks incredible.

Here’s what’s shown:

  • Kharazim
    • Master Kharazim
    • Jade Dragon Kharazim
  • Rexxar
    • Master Rexxar
    • Frostlord Rexxar
  • Judgement Uther and Themed Abilities
  • Earthbreaker Thrall and Themed Abilities
  • Sgt. Doomhammer and Themed Abilities
  • Prisoner Tychus
  • Blackheart’s Doubloon Mount
  • Malthael’s Phantom Steed Mount
  • Treasure Goblin Mount
  • Judgement Uther’s Charger Mount