Heroes of the Storm kicks off its Mad Max theme, adds a third competitive ban


The Azmodan and Raynor reworks are also live

There’s no new character this week, but the latest Heroes of the Storm patch is one of the biggest updates of the year.

The main event is definitely the Mad Max-ian “Raiders of Warchrome” celebration, which brings new wasteland skins for Azmodan, Nazeebo, and Raynor into the mix on top of a new motorcycle mount. Well that and the long-awaited rework for Raynor and controversial changes for Azmodan, which is an event in and of itself.

Ranked play has also been overhauled with a third ban option (finally), and rank decay has been implemented to prevent players from sitting on high ranks without playing the game. First-time ranked players also won’t seed past Gold 5, which is a huge change in an attempt to combat smurf accounts (alternate accounts for players who are looking to boost their ranking quickly and immediately jump into a high league).

A few battlegrounds and heroes have been tweaked, there’s a few more cosmetic skins on the market, and several bugs have been squashed. It’s a huge patch and I recommend reading the full rundown if you play.

Patch Notes [Heroes of the Storm]