Heroes of the Storm's Dehaka sure looks fun to play


Love the skill ceiling on burrow

Blizzard just posted a Spotlight video for Dehaka, who is set to arrive in Heroes of the Stormnext week.

You’ll get a brief rundown on Dehaka’s Zerg background, as well as a full explanation of his abilities. In short, his passive is all about collecting essences (kind of like Butcher’s fresh meat) to trigger healing. He can also travel to any bush or vent every 45 seconds, drag heroes, queue up an AOE (that lets him phase through enemies), and burrow, which causes him to become untargetable for a few seconds.

I can see burrowing right at the perfect moment to cancel Nova’s triple-tap, and so on. I don’t know how he won’t be formidable in the right hands, but we’ll see how tuned his powers are next week once he hits the meta (you can also try him now in PTR). Like Diablo, I see a high success rate though given his survivability and peeling potential with drag.