Heroes of the Storm's new event will likely be 1920s themed


‘The Scarlet Heist?’

Bust out your bobbed hair and turn up the jazz, because Heroes of the Storm is seemingly warping back to the 1920s.

As teased on the game’s official Twitter account, the new event seems to be called “The Scarlet Heist,” and will provide new skins for Junkrat, Sgt. Hammer, Orphea, and Whitemane (at the very least). As is the case with most of the events post-maintenance mode, it’ll likely run for several months, with lengthy and lofty goals to achieve, plus free loot.You can probably expect a full reveal this week.

I still play Heroes of the Storm, and although I’d love to see Blizzard somehow put the game back in the spotlight with an occasionally sanctioned eSports tournament (c’mon, just give us one at BlizzCon!) and more support, I’m glad it exists in any format. A lot of publishers, big or small, would have nuked the game from orbit by now: but the current team is doing a good job of keeping people engaged.

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