Heroes of the Storm's new Halloween content is pricey


This picture is worth $53.04

Blizzard is about to hold its Hallow’s End event in Heroes of the Storm and that means a new mount and skin, a 50 percent XP boost in all regions, and the chance to unlock a Jack-O’-Lantern portrait.

The new Headless Horseman’s Charger mount and the Buccaneer skin for Falstad look good, but they won’t come cheap. They’ll be available in a bundle with Falstad for $21.35, and that’s the inexpensive option. Blizzard will also offer a Hallow’s End Ultimate Bundle for $53.04 that adds Kerrigan, Abathur, and their spooky skins. Thank goodness for dynamic pricing.

The XP boost lasts from 10:00am Pacific on October 27 to 10:00am on November 3. As for the new portrait, we’ll have to win 25 matches during the event. The deadline is November 17.

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