Hey, a Jackbox Party Pack sequel just got announced


Focus on streaming and Fibbage 2

In the world of party-based video games, you’re really missing out if you haven’t given the Jackbox Party Pack a go yet. The collection of five games, all controlled using Internet-connected devices like phones, tablets, or handheld consoles as controllers, has done a great job since release of facilitating silly creative interactions among friends.

Today, developer Jackbox Games announced that it’s going to be releasing Jackbox Party Pack 2 this fall for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The centerpiece of the new collection will apparently be Fibbage 2. The original Fibbage challenged players to create fake answers to questions on their phones in the hopes of people mistaking their answers for the real answer to the question.

Fibbage 2 will feature a mode designed for streaming. While the original Fibbage has been popular for a while on Twitch as a game for audiences to interact with, the delay on Twitch has somewhat hindered this becoming popular. The fact the developers are creating Fibbage 2 with streaming in mind is a reassuring thing to hear.

So, what do you personally want to see out of a Jackbox Party Pack 2?