Hey Dipper, Gravity Falls is coming to 3DS


It’s not looking great

When I heard that there was a Gravity Falls game coming to 3DS, I got very, very excited. As a fan of series like Welcome to Night Vale that juxtapose a pleasant cast of characters with a weird and creepy world, Gravity Falls as a TV series had me hooked from moment one. Unfortunately, the upcoming 3DS game isn’t getting me terribly excited right now.

Gravity Falls – Legend of the Gnome Gemuletsis a platformer, which is often a go-to genre for farming out licensed games that don’t mechanically fit with their source material. Maybe an adventure game or a point and click mystery might have worked well; a platformer does ring some bells that this might be a cash in.

Also, the people making that trailer don’t seem to have a terribly firm grasp on which Gravity Falls characters are friends and which are enemies of the main cast.

Still, I’ll hold out hope as I would really like a decent Gravity Falls game. Oink!