Hey, listen! Destructoid articles now have audio versions


Settle in for a curated selection of narrated Destructoid stories

If you’ve poked around Destructoid’s original features section lately, you might’ve noticed something new — a curious little embedded audio clip at the top of certain articles where there wasn’t one before.

Wait, when did that happen? Just recently! It’s a still-fresh experiment.

For this test run, we tapped Dan Vincent and Josh Picard to lend their voices to ten long-form Destructoid articles — some that you likely read when they were originally published, and some that you might’ve missed. We’re talking Zelda‘s musical legacy, Rule of Rose‘s rat-on-a-stick, Diablo II: Resurrected‘s magic trick, and a glowing Portal 2 anniversary retrospective, among other recent topics.

For future narrations, we’ll strive to have the recording available day-and-date when a new article first hits the site so that those who prefer to listen aren’t left waiting around wondering what’s up.

Although plenty of Destructoid readers still prefer to go through articles at their own pace — what’s your WPM?! — we’re considering these audio versions to be another option if and when you need it.

We’re also aiming to build up a spiffy centralized playlist that you can throw on for an impromptu binge-fest when the mood strikes. Does anyone else stock up for long commutes, busy-work afternoons, and Monster Hunter “desire sensor” grinds? Come to think of it, I used to listen to podcasts at the gym…

There’s something funny about a site with a robot mascot using humans, not AI, to speak.