Hey, Until Dawn kids: Your winter getaway is a very bad idea


*Sigh* You won’t listen

I urge you, Until Dawn kids: Don’t go on that winter getaway. It seems like a lot of fun, but it won’t be. It’s not all drinking and partying and sexing.

There will be a scary guy in a scary mask doing scary things. Your friends will make bad decisions, and all of a sudden there will be a saw blade inches from your neck. Bad times ahoy.

Stay home. Study. Apply for a few more scholarships. Invest in your future, because if you go on this trip, your future will be all of 48 more hours or so.

Until Dawnbrings the frigid frights on August 25, but Chris has already played it and saw many a murdered teen. Find out if this one’s on thin ice next Monday when his review goes up.