Hideki Kamiya has a lot of dream gigs, and one involves a Dante and Bayonetta crossover


I’m your prom date

Hideki “BLOCKED” Kamiya is legendary in more ways than one. Many (myself included) like his approach to action games, and are constantly awaiting his next project. Speaking to Dengeki PlayStation, Kamiya threw out a few ideas:

“I want to work on aDevil May CryandViewtiful Joeremake, or a true sequel forOkami. A cooperation with Dante (fromDevil May Cry) and Bayonetta might also be fun. Dear Capcom, if it’s okay with someone like me, I will help anytime. Best regards. Everyone, bow down your heads with me!”

They’re all noble causes, and all things that could happen. Capcom lovesremakes, especially for proven IP like Devil May Cry (Viewtiful might be a harder sell, but given its appearance in Dead Rising 4 recently there’s hope). The Okamiremaster is coming sooon and sales could possibly spur a sequel, and that Dante vs. Bayonetta concept couldcome to life on a Switch version of Super Smash Bros., given that Bayonetta is already a cast member and Capcom has a good relationship with Nintendo (and Mega Man is in).

I mean, never say never! Who would have thought that Cloud, Bayonetta, Sonic, and Mega Man would be in the same game 10 years ago?

Kamiya [Dengeki PlayStation via Siliconera] [Image Credit]