Hideo Kojima suggests starting with Metal Gear Solid 3


Control scheme is more modern than earlier titles

I’m so behind with the Metal Gear Solidseries it’s bordering on pathetic. Since playing through the famous bait n’ switch in MGS 2, I’ve maybe only given the franchise a few hours of my life.

I made it across to the bridge in MGS 3 and dropped a few missions in Ac!d, but after becoming too impatient with the incessant loading screens in MGS 4,Konami’s classic tactical espionage thriller has fallen by the wayside.

Well it’s a good thing series director Hideo Kojima recently offered a bit of advice, on Twitter, for those (like myself) looking to hop into the franchise with the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection.

I often get asked “which title one should play if haven’t done MGS series?”. Play MGS3 as control is more modern, if you liked it then MGS4.


The famed director also noted that for those wanting to catch up on all the nonsensical brillianceof MGS and MGS 2, the upcoming Legacy Collectionincludes a digital novel which can be used to become acquainted with their stories.

So what does everyone else think? Is Metal Gear Solid 3 the best in the series for newcomers? All I know for sure, is that I have a whole lot of cutscenes to start playing through.

Hideo Kojima Recommends Starting With Metal Gear Solid 3 As Your First [Siliconera]