Hijack a Wanzer in Square Enix's Left Alive


Believe in me who believes in you

The Tokyo Game Show trailer for Left Alive, Square Enix’s upcoming Front Mission spin-off shooter, gives us an awesome first look at what the game looks like and how it will play. Footage includes fighting against Wanzers, which you can even hijack to pilot yourself.

But hold on, if you thought the game was starting to sound too cool and unique let me inform you that the core objective is “survival” and there are crafting elements. Oh and the route to any destination is “up to you.”

I doubt they mean survival in a Rust sort of manner, and like the other 18 quadrillion games with craft and loot I’m sure I’ll be able to ignore it for the most part. Crafting is not inherently bad; it can be great when focused like in Dead Rising 2. In most cases it’s just tedious junk collecting though.