Hilarious upcoming game stars Asshole Goose



Australia-based outfit House House have released footage of their as-yet-untitled new game, in which you play a “horrible goose” aiming to ruin everyone’s day.

The very amusing pre-alpha clip showcases the title’s stealth gameplay, in which the goose decides to spend his time plaguing the life of a hapless gardener. Ruining lunches, stealing possessions, and generally just being a massive bastard for the lulz.

Regarding the game’s labyrinthine plot, House House (who also made cult classic Push Me, Pull You,) have commented: “It’s a lovely weekday morning in the village and you are a horrible goose.”

Let’s not over-analyse this, just check out the video below. All that is known regarding the game’s release is that it is due out some time in 2018. Honk.