Hitman 2's July content will finally send 47 to prison


Bloodshed behind bars

IO Interactive has released a video detailing the monthly content headed to slick murderthon Hitman 2. Along with the usual run of new challenges and contracts, this month will see the arrival of all-new sniper challenge “The Prison”.

On July 30, this challenge will see yer boy 47 pack his duffel coat for a trip to snowy Siberia, where he must undertake a contract set in a dangerous penitentiary that houses some of the world’s vilest criminals. More details about this unique location are set to be revealed as the month progresses.

As for the rest of this month’s content, music be the food of DEATH, as 47 undertakes new Escalation, Challenge and Featured contracts based around eliminating – or joining – bands of musicians. Your reward for completing these tuneful assassinations will be your very own violin, a must have for conflicted, arty assassins in 1960s movies.

The first Escalation, “The Babayeva Dissonance”, arrives today. This will be followed by the “I’m With The Band” challenge on July 11. Featured Contract “Tone Deaf” is coming July 18, while Legacy Target “The Bad Boy” is preparing to take two to the skull on July 19. The isolated locale of Hawke’s Bay will be added to Contracts mode on July 30.

Finally, a run of anniversary skins will be made available for free to all players who sign up for an IO account over at the official Hitman website. This new wardrobe will bring a selection of outfits and disguises from the previous Hitman release into Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.