Hitman 3 is going to have so many absurd only-in-VR moments of mayhem


For starters, you can drop a dangling man into a chasm

Getting up to no good as Agent 47 in Hitman 3‘s full-blown VR mode will be entertaining as hell. I was already hopeful about the virtual-reality side of the game, but this gameplay preview seals it for me.

VR will be supported across not just Hitman 3 levels, but the “full trilogy,” as IO Interactive puts it. You might’ve mastered locations like Paris and Miami by now, but the old stages should feel fresh again.

Even though PlayStation VR is in a less-than-ideal place (reminder: PS5 owners will still need the backward-compatible PS4 version of Hitman 3 to play in VR), it seems like the studio is really going for it here. This doesn’t seem like the kind of half-step “bonus VR missions” we’ve seen elsewhere.

It’s wild to me that this isn’t being sold as a separate game on top of the $60 asking price for Hitman 3. It’s also wild that this is – at least for the time being – locked to the aging PlayStation VR headset.