Hitman: The Full Experience for PC drops to $15 at GameStop


Deliciously discounted

GameStop hasloaded upon some PC download deals today with aggressive pricing on several triple-A titles. While Steam’s sale won’t start up until this Thursday, we think the prices below are what you should expect (given these are discounts approved by publishers).

Note that this isn’t an official “Winter Sale” just yet at GameStop and the deals below have randomly cropped up since yesterday. The most noteworthy of the bunch though is a big 75% off price cut to $15 for Hitman: The Full Experience. Launched in an episodic format, the latest in the Hitman series is now so cheap that we’re wondering if this is a price mistake. For reference, it was only 50% off during Steam’s recent Autumn sale just a few weeks ago.

Two other goodies we think you should pick up are Wolfenstein: The New Order for $6.59 and The Last Remnant for only $2.49. All deals below are Steam keys and are sent immediately after purchase.

Update: $15 Hitman Full Expereince is dead. Not unexpected BUT you can still buy the Upgrade Pack + Intro Pack for $16.23. Almost as cheap for the same content.

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