Hollow Knight's last and free DLC pack is out now alongside of a massive sale


34% off

Hollow Knightdeveloper Team Cherry has been busy. After a successful 2015 Kickstarter they launched Hollow Knight back in February of 2017 but have been hard at work with DLC ever since. And here’s the catch: it’s free DLC. After releasing the Hidden Dreams and Grimm Troupe expansions they’ve just dropped Godmaster, which is said to be the final add-on.

You may recall that Godmaster had a last minute name change due to a potential conflict with an existing mobile game and was originally called “Gods & Glory.” This change was as recent as last week, but Team Cherry somehow managed to pull it out and stick to their original release date.

As an aside you can also find Hollow Knight for 34% off on Switch and PC to kick off the DLC. Translation: it’s now under 10 bucks.

Team Cherry [Twitter]