Holy hell, you can kill the Big Boos in Super Mario World


And that’s not all

The last time my mind was this blown by a piece of video game trivia, I had just learned that clouds and bushes in Super Mario Bros. were the same sprite, only recolored and masked with clever placement.

As pointed out by Supper Mario Broth, you can take out Big Boos in Super Mario World by sliding down stairs. The same trick, courtesy of NeoGAF, also works on those green Ghost House bubbles. And if there aren’t any stairs nearby, you could alternatively land a well-timed cape slide instead.

What? I mean, what?!

And then there’s this little ditty:

Never again will I underestimate the nigh-unstoppable slide.

Some of you will undoubtedly know about one or all of these tricks, but as someone who grew up with the game and is only now hearing about this stuff literal decades later, I’m genuinely shocked.

In Super Mario World, Big Boos can be defeated by… [Supper Mario Broth via NeoGAF]