Hope you aren't sick of seeing Mortal Kombat X trailers


No? Good, here’s another

[Update: Added a “making of the trailer” trailer, because trailers.]

The PR account executive slowly walked through his boss’ door. His eyes were shifted down so as to avoid the unnerving gaze of the senior PR manager; his breathing was labored and uneven. He knew he was in trouble.

The email was very clear: have four Mortal Kombat Xtrailers ready by Monday morning — yet, the account executive only had one. He’d seen a lot of gore since he took the job: dismemberment, skull-crushing, and gruesome fatalities. Still, he was understandably uneasy about it being his own head on a platter.

“Si-Sir, I only have one trailer for you today,” the account executive stammered, choked by fear. “But, I included System of a Down like you asked! We already paid the licensing fees once, so I think we’re saving a lot of money here!”

The manager wasn’t happy about the output. This wasn’t what he asked for. Still, he was pleased by his underling’s decision-making. See, he knew that kids love System of a Down, almost as much as he loved saving money. He’d let the account executive live to see another day — as long as another day brought another Mortal Kombat Xtrailer.