Incoming update hopes to fine-tune Horizon Forbidden West visuals


Shinier than ever before

Guerrilla Games’ sequel Horizon Forbidden West is now in the hands of the players, wowing many with its beautiful vistas, delightfully detailed characters, and dazzling visual effects. But as Patrick Bateman told us, you can always look better, and so a new update has been announced to iron out a few graphical inconsistencies.

While the developer has not offered any specific details on what the update will be targeting, it is assumed that Guerrilla Games will be addressing some of the technical issues bothering players using Horizon Forbidden West‘s “performance mode”.

As testified on the game’s Reddit, these issues include occasional blurring/shimmering, some texture lag, and inconsistency with HDR brightness. Aside from the visuals, some players have reported minor audio problems and gameplay concerns. The developer has asked players to continue posting their findings in the aforementioned thread, so that the team can better pinpoint the key problems that need addressing.

“Please continue to use the Support Form and share videos (recordings of your TV/monitor are useful) and provide us with as much information as possible,” writes Guerrilla_Chante. “We understand your frustrations and appreciate your patience. We are doing our best to quickly get you back out into the wilds so you can explore all the secrets of the Forbidden West.”

There is, obviously, no official release date for the patch, but no doubt Guerrilla Games is already looking into the cause of these issues. It should be noted that, despite these initial glitches, the highly anticipated sequel remains a solid release, with some of the finest visuals to grace the PlayStation platform to date. If you wanna see it for yourself, then Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.