Horrific Resident Evil Village mod sees Thomas the Tank Engine return as Lady Dimitrescu


The most frightening enemy in Resi history

It had to happen at some point. But so soon?

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Barney the Dinosaur mod, the Resident Evil Village homebrew community has taken its creativity one step too far, birthing what one of the most disturbing and frightening images in the storied history of Capcom’s survival horror franchise. Curse you, Crazy Potato, for unleashing the “Count Theodora” mod, which transforms the beautiful-yet-unsettling face of Lady Alcina Dimitescu into that of Resident Evil‘s trademark stalker: Thomas the Tank Engine.

Be afraid… Be very afraid.

This unholy abomination follows on from the terror train’s previous appearances in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, where the dead-eyed, grinning choo-choo replaced Mr. X and Nemesis respectively. But this Village appearance is by far Thomas’ most upsetting and skin-crawling to date. The worst part is that Resident Evil Village isn’t even officially out yet. So Lord knows what further monstrosities will creep the boards of the House of Dimitrescu come release.

That said, I really hope we get Puppet Dimitrescu. I’m in no doubt that we will.

Resident Evil Village launches May 7 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. You can check out Chris Carter’s review right here.