Horror adventure Man of Medan is giving out Friend Passes


And the Curator’s Cut is no longer stuck behind pre-orders

Until Dawn is better with friends, and while I haven’t played Supermassive’s latest horror-adventure romp Man of Medan – it’s buried in my “not yet” pile – I’m confident that sentiment holds true.

Bandai Namco is running a limited-time promo for the game in which everyone who owns Man of Medan can share a one-time-use Friend’s Pass. The pass will let a buddy play the Shared Story Mode.

“To redeem the free Friend’s Pass for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, new players need only download the Man of Medan Free Trial, and then be invited to play the Shared Story Mode by someone who already owns the full version of the game,” according to the publisher. Easy enough!

If you want to explore the ghost ship with a pal on PC, you should have a second instance of Man of Medan in Steam that can be used to generate a code. “If you own Man of Medan and you don’t have this second Man of Medan application, just go into your library and it should be available to install manually.”

These passes will be available until January 6, 2020. To be clear, they’re good for “one full playthrough.”

Supermassive has also made good on its promise to open up the Curator’s Cut, “an alternate path through the game” that unlocks after you finish Man of Medan. Previously, the mode was used as a pre-order incentive, so if you didn’t get in early, you were out of luck. I hate when bonuses are stuck in limbo.