Hotel Dusk successor hits Japan next month


The investigation begins May 11

The interminably titledChase: Unsolved Cases Investigation Division: Distant Memories, a new adventure game fromTrace Memory(Another Code) andHotel Dusk: Room 215directorTaisuke Kanasaki, will release via the Japanese 3DS eShop on May 11, Arc System Works just announced.

Chase follows the exploits of two detectives who reopen a five-year-old case involving a fatal explosion after receiving an anonymous phone call from insists the accident was actually a murder.

The game, which is developed by a group of former Cing (Little King’s Story)staff, involves interviewing suspects and piecing together clues by examining evidence, such as old photos of the crime scene.

As of yet, Arc System Works hasn’t revealed plans to localize the game for western audiences.

-CHASE- 未解決事件捜査科 ~遠い記憶~[Arc System Works via NeoGAF]