How does Twilight Princess HD compare to the GameCube version?


Do two generations make a difference?

The launch of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time for Nintendo to show off some of the graphical improvements made for the remaster.

In the video above, you’ll see a comparison between the GameCube version of Twilight Princess and the new Wii U version. The difference is like night and day: it’s less jagged, there’re higher-quality textures, and the shading’s a lot smoother. Also, look at Epona’s tail! It’s so swooshy!

Despite the numerous impressive upgrades on Wii U, there’s something about the GameCube version that looks appealing to me. I think some of the vibrancy of the colours and boldness of the shading was lost in the HD update, which is a shame.

Twilight Princess HD is looking undeniably lovely, but, to me at least, it doesn’t stand out as a significant reworking of the game’s visuals like the changes Wind Waker HD made. We’ll find out how it really is when it launches on March 4.