How much is too much for Xbox Scorpio in terms of price?


It has to beat or meet the PS4 Pro

Well, we’re one step closer to knowing what Project Scorpio will entail when it hits later this year, but there’s still a fair few unanswered questions — most notably, the price. Although Microsoft quickly folded into PR speak by saying “at the end of the day we are still a consumer product…we want to hit the price-points where consumers want to purchase this,” we still don’t know how much the damn thing will cost.

I mean, Microsoft packed quite a bit into its box, but I don’t see it hitting above $400, the current price of the PS4 Pro. At at least, if it does hit for more than that, I don’t see it doing particularly well, especially in regions where the OG Xbox One has bombed, like Japan. Eurogamer, who revealed the new console’s specs, speculates that it’ll be around $500, which could obviously happen — the Xbox One did launch at that pricepoint after all.

Either way Microsoft is in a corner. If they release this amazing system that beats the PS4 and Switch combined, hardware-wise, it won’t mean much if no one buys it and developers have no incentive to keep creating games for it. Then there’s the issue of 4K — right now good HDR-enabled sets range from $600 at their lowest (and even then, you probably won’t get a good refresh rate), and $1000 as a median. The future of gaming is expensive, and Nintendo is riding high with a non-4K system and a $300 price for its Switch.