How much The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild did you play this weekend?


Weekend ender

Possibly 2017’s biggest game and its host system both came out last Friday and they’re better than “It might rain” and “I’m broken with exhaustion after 40 hours of wage slavery that has seen only diminishing returns in my lifetime” as reasons to veg the fuck out and do absolutely nothing but play video games all weekend.

While Chris Carter and a handful of others played (and loved) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in advance of this weekend, I definitely noticed a lot of folks over in the Quick Posts section live-share nothing but Zelda all weekend, including some numerical appraisals of exact time spent, topped, to the best of my knowledge, with Fenriff nearing 40 hours.

What about you? How much Zelda did you play this weekend?

I’ll start: 0 hours. Sorry. I don’t have a Switch yet! I did eat a lot of (free) crab at a dinner on Saturday and then convince myself that I was going into anaphylactic shock like five hours later despite 1) the amount of time that had passed before I was even unnecessarily worried and 2) I’ve had crab tons of times before and have no history of food allergy whatsoever. I also stayed in bed until it was dark out on Saturday because the prior week of GDC stole my soul, but even if I had BotW, I don’t think I had the energy for anything other than following antifa action on Twitter and hugging my dog.

How much Zelda‘d you play, though?