How Pac-Man deals with dickheads at the movies


The hero we deserve

I love movies. You might know this. But despite my dedication to cinema, I often suffer from a strange social anxiety issue while traveling to the actual theatre. To summarise, it’s a worry that the film everyone has been looking forward to will be spoiled for the audience by the bad behaviour of random individuals.

Sometimes it bothers me to the point that I”ll miss a film entirely, or just wait until the very end of its theatrical run, rather than have those first impressions ruined by people who can’t leave their phone alone, eat quietly or, frankly, shut up for two hours. While we don’t have it too bad here in the UK, (depending on when and where you go for your silver screen thrills), the videos and stories I see and hear from American theatre-goers leave me gobsmacked.

Over in Japan, video game icon Pac-Man has decided to take matters into his own hands (or mouth) and, (as spotted by Siliconera), has crafted a fun PSA to remind audiences of cinema etiquette. In the musical short, Pac-Man is having his experience of (probably) The Lighthouse ruined by some troublesome ghosts, so sets about making things right the only way he knows how: by eating them.

Inky busts out his phone for selfies and gets gobbled up. Then Pinky and Clyde start chatting and are similarly dealt with. Blinky goes full asshole by by kicking other patrons’ seats, before Clyde returns to film the movie on his phone, hoping to boost his healthy CAM business. Thankfully, no-one takes their shoes off and puts their feet up on the seat in front of them, perhaps because they don’t have feet.

Don’t be like Inky, Blinky, Pinky or Clyde. These ghosts are good kids, but their behaviour here is out of line. The video’s message is simple: enjoy the movie and don’t ruin the experience for others. Of course, none of you reading this article need to be told that, as you’re all solid folk and not MONSTERS. Anyway, aside from my twitchy personal neurosis, check the video out, it’s a lot of fun!

Popcorn… Don’t get me started.

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