How to bang your dragon: Dragon dating sim revived


Angels with Scaly Wings

“I’m imagining the beginning to Stand By Me, but, instead, ‘Hey, kid, you ever plow a dragon?’” Crude. But that’s what I had to say about Dragon Dating Simulator last year. The project ultimately missed its funding goal, only raising €3,925 out of €8,000.

But now it’s back, with a new campaign (it already hit its reduced €4,000 goal), new art, a new theme song, and a new name, Angels with Scaly Wings. I kind of imagined their wings to be more bat-like, but I guess scaly wings is more in line with popular dragon representation, despite presenting some aerodynamic problems.

Angels with Scaly Wings, now on Greenlight, has a playable demo and boasts “4 potential love interests (2 male, 2 female)” as well as “Shorter, one-off romances with secondary characters.”