How to find the new A Hat in Time Nyakuza Metro DLC


Also, Seal the Deal, in case you’re trying out both

A Hat in Time‘s second major DLC is coming this Friday, and we’ll be covering it. But before then, I figured I’d prepare you for locating said add-on: Hat Kid’s Spaceship is a twisting labyrinth after all.

While it only takes a moment to find in theory, I actually ran around for roughly five minutes, and I know some of you out there want to dive in right away. As a note, there are no spoilers present.

Nyakuza Metro

Start off by heading to the main room and look for the lower-floor green door with the wind symbol on it.

Go inside the tunnel and immediately turn left. See that door with a beaker on it? Select your Dweller Mask to go through the barrier and click on the computer monitor on the wall to the left. Use the Ice Hat to slam down into the storage room below and voilà! DLC.

You only need 20 Time Pieces(think of them like Mariostars) to enter.

Seal the Deal

This one is even simpler. Go through that same green door in the main hub area.

Run into the room and into the pit, stepping into the Dirty Laundry Cleaner 3000. You’re good! Seal the Deal requires 35 Time Pieces to play.