How to show the world you love video games and are bad with money


There goes my food budget

One of the more difficult things, for me, about being a gamer is finding ways to display my love for the medium in ways that aren’t entirely tacky. Sure, I’m wearing a juvenile Mega Man 9shirt as I write this, but I try to be fashionable. Gaming t-shirts are nice but I’m at an age where I shouldn’t be wearing them to job interviews, dates, funerals, or into random houses I think are mine as I drunkenly stumble my way home at night. That’s why I’m always appreciative when fashion designers try to implement my love of all things video games in stylish ways.

I’m just not $200 appreciative.

Old white lady store Bloomingdales is now selling a series of exclusive Nintendo-themed shirts from Gitman Vintage for a wallet massacring price of $195 each, or CAD 263.11. There are three designs available: the Donkey Kongshirt seen above, a Marioenemies shirt, and a Mario power-ups shirt. If you don’t have two Benjamins to drop, there are slightly cheaper shirts, shorts, hoodies, and accessories from other designers sporting that 8-bit style.

While I’m sure they’d look terrible with my pot belly, I wouldn’t mind owning all three Gitman exclusives because that is exactly my style. But I also like having food to eat and wouldn’t if I splurged.

Designer Collaborations Inspired by the World of Nintendo[Bloomingdales]