'Hoy there, small fry! Fishy friends are taking over Super Smash Bros. this weekend


‘Making a Splash’ begins on June 7

Man theFishmen in Wind Wakerrule, and good old Nintendo AU/NZ, revealing things early as usual, knows this too.

A lot of fishy friends are joining in on the spirit event fun in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will net you bigger gold rewards over the weekend. A bunch of creatures are entering the fray, including Blooper from Mario, Kine from Kirby, andPrincess Mipha from Breath of the Wild. Even if you have ’em all, you can still get that gold.

Remember, there’s a full list of spiritshere. This is one adventure I never really wanted to take, as the spirit system is one of my least-played Smashactivities. I spend too much time practicing!

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