Hulu is now available on Switch


Goodbye free time

Nintendo launched the Switch back in March without a single third-party streaming app. While I was plenty happy to have the hybrid console be a dedicated gaming machine, more than a few people were a little upset that they couldn’t stream Netflix or Hulu to the device. While the movie giant is still MIA, at least Hulu is now available to use on the go, at home, in the bathroom, on a boat, with a goat, on a moat…

You’ll be able to find the app when the eShop updates (which is typically 12 PM EST). After that, I guess my free time will go out the window. I’ve been re-watching a lot of South Park and Hulu has all of the old seasons remastered in HD, uncensored and widescreen. It is super fuckin sweet, you guys!

Hulu is Nintendo’s first video streaming app for the Switch [Tech Crunch]