Human: Fall Flat got a free Laboratory level on consoles, but Switch players need to wait


Enter at your own peril, past the bolted door…

I thought I straight-up imagined a recent update notification for Human: Fall Flat, but turns out, it was real — and the pop-up message wasn’t just for a standard patch like I would’ve assumed. Instead, there’s a new level to fumble through called Laboratory.

As of today, Human: Fall Flat players can download the Laboratory level for free across the PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game, but the Nintendo Switch update is coming later — January 2022, based on the current estimate. It’s one of those minor annoyances that Switch players, in general, have come to expect.

The lab has fans, magnets, ball launchers, and other obstacles to mess around with, and it’s styled like any number of classic “we do various experiments here” facilities in other puzzle-platformer games. That basic visual theme may be overly familiar, but what really matters is whether or not the physics playground is fun to goof off in. It looks like it!

If you ever wonder why Human: Fall Flat keeps showing up in headlines like this, I get you. It’s not a particularly good-looking game, it’s getting on in years, and there aren’t usually many comments aside from someone mentioning how fun the co-op can be with a rowdy group. But the thing is, there’s a mind-blowingly big audience that continues to enjoy it. With 30 million copies sold, it’s in the upper echelon of worldwide all-time best-sellers.

So, yeah. These wacky physics-based hijinks are resonating with a lot of us. And even when the new levels are fine at best, I’m still having a good time — I’m still making an effort to play them. I’m not sure when I’ll ever have it in me to uninstall Human: Fall Flat.